The Hudson/Park Neighborhood Association (H/PNA) is a not-for-profit organization committed to providing owners, tenants and businesses with advocacy and resources that assure a high quality of life and sense of community. The neighborhood demographic is diverse; providing a vibrant, urban living experience for all residents. For past H/PNA Meeting Minutes visit the Archives page. 

H/PNA includes some of the best of Albany's historic buildings and borders Washington Park, which rates as one of the finest historic urban parks in the United States. The neighborhood's own business district -Lark Street- provides residents and visitors with an abundance of restaurant choices,  galleries, jewelry stores and other specialty shops.

H/PNA is bounded on the east by the Empire State Plaza, the south by Lincoln Park, the north by Hudson Avenue and the west by Washington Park.
H/PNA Officers:

John DeBois

Therese Daly
Vice President 

Richard Brash

Carrie Ward

Elected Neighborhood

Richard S. Conti
City of Albany 6th Ward
Common Council Member

Christopher T. Higgins
Albany Couny 
Legislator 6th District

H/PNA Community
Service Officers:
Kevin Reedy
Bret Phillips


The purpose of H/PNA is to: 
  • foster a spirit of community and cooperation among residents of the neighborhood
  • encourage a neighborhood diversity as regards ethnicity, income, religion, political outlook, sexual orientation, etc.
  • promote responsible relationships between landlords and tenants;
  • encourage the restoration, rehabilitation, maintenance and use of all porperty in the neighborhood; and
  • work with public and private agencies to faciliate appropriate zoning and land use polices.